« The tie bar, recrafted. »

Raising the Bar

The tie bar has remained relatively unchanged despite its presence in menswear for nearly a century. After encountering the monotonous selection of bars, clips, and clasps at retail, we at Ellsworth & Clyde decided to take it upon ourselves to add a fresh alternative to the mix.

Through an arduous process of trial and error, we have successfully re-engineered the tie bar by applying a level of consideration and craftsmanship normally devoted to other elements of your wardrobe.

We figure if all of that work went into your suit, jeans and shoes, why should your tie bar be any different?

Utilizing time tested materials like high quality hardwoods and premium leathers, magnetic closures as opposed to those cumbersome clip mechanisms, and dual lengths to fit varying tie widths, this is what we came up with to selfishly appease our desire for a functional and distinctive tie bar.

We hope you like it too.

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* Production for the tie bars has ceased for the time being.


A new take on a familiar classic

The Ellsworth & Clyde tie bar is reversible, with each side offering a different width to accommodate a variety of ties.

100% Hardwood

The structure is milled from raw lumber, which is hand selected for distinctive color and grain.

Premium Leather

The leather hinge is both naturally durable and aesthetically refined.

Powerful Magnets

Rare earth magnets are embedded within the wood for a secure hold, even with the thickest knits.

Quality Construction

Ellsworth & Clyde tie bars are meticulously handcrafted in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

≡ How To Use ≡


Place opened bar between the third and fourth button of your shirt.


Bring magnetic clasp over tie and shirt.



Ellsworth & Clyde is a handcrafted accessory company created by college friends Elliott Curtis, Jesse Chorng, and Paul Castellana. Their dormitory, which provided the grounds for a lasting collaborative partnership, was on the corner of Ellsworth Avenue and Clyde Street.